Duty of Care Waste Transfer Note Pads
Waste Transfer Note Pads

What is a waste transfer note?


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change from 2015

Any person who collects paper, metal, plastic or glass must, from
1 January 2015, take practical measures to ensure separate collection of these wastes. It would be advisable for waste producers to consider any measures they might need to take to ensure that their wastes can be collected separately before this deadline.

Rubber Stamps

Save time when you complete your waste transfer note pads by pre-stamping the pages with your details using our rubber stamps.

We supply two different stamps a large stamp for the address panel and a small stamp for the licence number and issuing authority panel. Stamps are the self-inking type and come supplied with blue ink. The ink will last for around 5000 impressions. By pre-stamping the pages of your waste transfer note pads you will save time on site filling in the pad.

Order your stamp pads when you order your waste transfer or hazardous waste note pads.

A waste transfer note (WTN) or a Duty of Care Waste Transfer Note is a document that must be completed when waste is transferred from one party to another. If a waste transfer note is not completed during the transfer of waste you are almost certainly breaking the law and could face a fine.

If the waste is hazardous (hazardous waste includes every day objects such as fluorescent light tubes) you may need to complete a hazardous consignment note (HWCN) or in Scotland a special waste consignment note (SWCN). The information you are required to include on the waste transfer notes, hazardous waste consignment notes and special waste consignment notes has changed and you will need to include the new information, including a waste hierarchy declaration, from the 28th of September 2011.

Waste Transfer Notes ensure that there is a clear trail from when the waste is produced until it is disposed of. You must keep your waste transfer notes and hazardous waste consignment notes for at least two years and be able to produce them on demand to the Environment Agency or local authority.

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Who should write the waste transfer note?

SIC codes what are they?

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What type of waste transfer notes are there?

European Waste Catalogue

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Two part waste transfer notes. Are suitable for most situations they are used when waste is transferred between two parties usually the producer and the person handling the waste.

Three part waste transfer notes. Designed for use when a third party is transporting the waste. The note is similar to the two part note but includes space for the address of the person transporting the waste.

Hazardous Waste Consignment Notes. Off the shelf hazardous waste consignment notes are available in loose, triplicate sets. Bespoke hazardous waste consignment note pads are available with two, three, four or five parts per set. These pads are printed to order and customized to fit your business.

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