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Three Part Hazardous Waste Consignment Notes

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Hazardous waste consignment notes

Our standard Hazardous Waste Consignment Notes (HWCN) are printed as loose three part sets - i.e. they are not bound in to a book like the 2 part and 3 part waste transfer notes. They are supplied in packs of 25 sets. These hazardous waste consignment notes will cover most situations.
The notes contain spaces to enter address details, and information on Low codes, chemical/biological components, physical form of material, hazard codes UN identification numbers, UN class, shipping name, handling requirements and declarations for the producer, carrier and receiver of the waste. See sample form. There is no numbering of the notes to allow for your own numbering system or to compliment your accounts system. A rubber stamp pad containing the company name and address is useful for quickly filling in your address details.

Each set of HWCN measures 297mm high x 210mm wide and contains three sheets one each of white, yellow and blue.

See sample.

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Whilst these hazardous waste consignment notes will suit more than 90% of situations they do not cover all possibilities. If you are unsure if our HWCN fulfill your requirements please telephone 01922 475768 or 07891 470268 and we will advise you if these notes are suitable for your needs.

To order hazardous waste consignment notes click here. We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.

Completing the Hazardous Waste Consignment Note

Section A
Section A contains the description of the waste. This description must be accurate and should be completed by the current holder (Consignor). There is sufficient room to list three different wastes. All boxes should be completed where applicable and the information should enable the waste to be handled safely. Information required in section A includes premises code, process giving rise to the waste, producer SIC code, waste description, LoW code, quantity, chemical/biological composition (inc. concentration % or mg/kg, physical form, hazard code, container type, packing group, UN identification number, shipping name, UN class, special handling requirements. These details stretch over two rows of boxes, both rows must be completed for each waste. The LoW code appears on the first and second row of the waste description, to save any confusion enter the LoW code on both lines.

Section B
Section B is the address the waste is collected from. Include the address and postcode.

Section C
Section C is the address the waste is being delivered to (consignee). Include the address and postcode.

Section D
Section D is the address of the waste producer (consignor). This may be the same address as the collection address in section B. If so simply tick the box otherwise enter address and postcode.

Section E
The carrier's certificate, to be signed by the carrier. Include, date, time, vehicle registration number, carriers registration number or reason for exemption, address details. This section must be signed by the carrier in the presence of the consignor.

Section F
The consignor's certificate, which must be signed in the presence of the carrier.
One of the HWCN copies is then left with the consignor, usually the white copy but it does not really matter. this copy must be safely stored by the consignor for inspection by the Environment Agency if required.
Section G
The consignee's certificate to be completed when the waste is delivered. LoW codes and quantities to be completed as the load is checked and must match the details given in section A. The carrier's vehicle registration number is again included. The consignee's permit number is added and name and address completed. This address may be the same as Section C. This section should then be signed in the presence of the carrier.

The carrier and the consignee each keep a copy of the HWCN for their records. It must be retained and be available for inspection by the Environment Agency.

See sample note

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