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Vehicle Purchase Receipts

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Vehicle Purchase Receipts

Two part vehicle purchase receipts are bound in a book at the top edge. Each book of 2 part vehicle purchase receipts contain 100 sets of notes (200 sheets of paper in total). They are printed in black ink on NCR carbon-less paper - white and yellow. The top sheet of each set (white) is intended for your customer and is perforated so that it can be torn out of the book easily. The second sheet of each set (yellow copy) is not perforated and retained in the book as your own copy. A writing shield, to protect the remaining sets in the pad, is provided. The pads have a cardboard cover and the pages are wire stitched (stapled) with the spine securely bound with tape to ensure a long life. Waste transfer note books have a hard life in the cab of a lorry and to date no pad has fallen apart.

There is no numbering of the notes to allow for your own numbering system. A rubber stamp containing the company name and address is useful for quickly filling in your address details or a better alternative is to have the notes pre-printed with your details: name, address, licence number, etc. Please see personalised notes and NCR forms.

Each two part vehicle receipt book is A5 in size and measures 148mm high x 210mm wide x 20mm thick (approx).

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Two part vehicle receipt books are designed for motor vehicle dismantlers and authorised treatment facilities who purchase end of life vehicles for dismantling and recycling.

.To order vehicle purchase receipts click here. We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.

Completing the Vehicle Purchase Receipt

Seller Details
The Seller Details contain the information of the individual selling the vehicle.  The seller name and address and a declaration for the seller of the vehicle to sign.  The declaration simply states that the seller is legally authorised to sell the vehicle, that it is free from H.P or finance and to confirm the mileage.

Buyer Details
this section gives details of the purchaser of the vehicle (usually you). The purchasers name, address and license numbers are entered in to this section.

Vehicle Details
The vehicle details section is for all of the information required for the vehicle.  LoW code from the European Waste Catalogue, a space for a stock number for your records, registration number of the vehicle, date first registered, make, model, mileage, colour/trim, vehicle identification number (VIN), Registration document  V5, M.O.T and other.
Amount Paid
This section allow for the inclusion of the cost of purchasing the vehicle: the net amount, VAT (if applicable) and the total paid.

Transfer Details
Both parties sign this section which lists the date time and place the vehicle was transferred from the current owner to the motor vehicle dismantler.

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